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Exhibitor Videos


Exhibitor Videos

  • Yumis production

    Stand: S-C4
  • Yumis soups

    Stand: S-C4
  • Yumis Corporate video

    Stand: S-C4
    Yumis Corporate video
  • Broli Choco Powder

    Stand: S2-F4
  • Armanti Flavored Milk

    Stand: S2-F4
  • Broli Brolitella

    Stand: S2-F4
  • Armanti Mayonnaise

    Stand: S2-F4
  • Armanti Coffee

    Stand: S2-F4
  • Welcome to NGM International

    01 Jun 2023 Stand: S2-F4
    Welcome to our company’s institutional video. We are proud to present our organization, which has been dedicated to producing quality packed foodstuffs throughout the world. Our goal is to meet our cu ...
  • Kapal Api Global Company Profile

    01 Sep 2023 Stand: M-J37
    Kapal Api Global is the synergy of several companies engaged in the food and beverage industry that are in the plantation, manufacturing, distribution, and cafe
  • Vitelco - your partner in veal

    03 Nov 2023 Vitelco Stand: E3-3
    Our corporate video explains our involvement in the entire veal chain. We process our veal into premium, made-to-order products in our own abattoir, cutting plant and deboning hall. We deliver on this ...
  • Virto Group Spot

    Stand: 606
    Did you know Virto Group?
  • Since the beginnings of Virto Group, we have worked with a strong commitment to the community, people and the planet. Today, these 3 pillars mark our Sustainability Strategy under the Natural Movement ...
  • Featuring India's star export house, GRM. After the establishment in 1974, the company has flourished over many countries in the Gulf Region, Europe and the North America. With only one aim of spreadi ...
  • Tea in Orange brewing guide

    01 Nov 2023 FJT Company Stand: MP-F30
  • JuicyTea brewing guide

    01 Nov 2023 FJT Company Stand: MP-F30
  • Our Criscito line-up.

    05 Sep 2023 SARI MURNI GROUP Stand: M-J41
    In our pursuit of market prominence, "Criscito" is committed to a comprehensive marketing strategy. Through strategic deployment on social media platforms, we intend to engage our audience with teaser ...
  • Our newest Momogi Stick Flavor

    27 Oct 2023 SARI MURNI GROUP Stand: M-J41
    Our local TVC for commercialing the newest flavor line: Kimchi, Balado (Spicy Pepper), Cocopandan, and Seaweed.
  • SGU Presentation

    Stand: Z3-A29
    SGU Presentation
  • Lutosa corporate video

    Stand: B8-20
  • LLBG Corporate Video

    01 Feb 2024 Mhariz Equipado Stand: T-B16
    LLBG Corporate Video
  • La Lorraine Sustainability

    25 Jan 2024 Mhariz Equipado Stand: T-B16
    La Lorraine aim for Sustainability
  • Bites DNWBH

    20 Jan 2024 Mhariz Equipado Stand: T-B16
    Small Donut Bites - Donut Worry Be Happy
  • Mediterranean Breads

    10 Jan 2024 Mhariz Equipado Stand: T-B16
    Mediterranean Breads made in UAE
  • Taste Needs Time Breads

    01 Jan 2024 Mhariz Equipado Stand: T-B16
    Taste Needs Time
  • izhiman coffee

    Stand: Z3-E56
  • Brand video
  • FGC is proud to be the leading tea and beverage supplier in Vietnam.
  • Del Trópico Farms

    16 Feb 2023 Del Trópico Farms Stand: Z6-5
    Del Trópico Farms, is simply a taste of the best cardamom from Guatemala. We source our products from our farms, which offer the best growing conditions and are committed to protect the environment an ...
  • al wahab rice

    11 Nov 2023 Mehboob Khan Stand: Z6-100