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Frequently asked questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our plans.

Individuals and families

Everyone under the age of 65 has the opportunity to purchase health insurance during the Open Enrollment Period.

Open Enrollment is from November 1 to December 15 every year for coverage starting on January 1.

You can purchase a plan outside of Open Enrollment if you have a qualifying life event. There are many things that can be considered a qualifying life event, like: loss of health coverage (losing a job, turning 26, or graduating and losing a student plan), turning 65 and needing to purchase a Medicare plan, changes to your household (having a baby, getting married or divorced, death in the family), changes to your physical location (moving to a new county or ZIP Code, moving from a shelter into a home), becoming a U.S. Citizen, leaving jail or prison, and/or changes to your income that may affect a subsidy you qualify for.

Yes. We believe mental health care should be delivered how people prefer to receive it, whether that is using telehealth or in a physical office. We have providers in our network who can do either or both of these. Benefits vary by plan, so please check your benefit booklet for more details.


Some people get Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B automatically, and other people have to sign up. In most cases, it depends on whether you're getting Social Security benefits. You can learn more at

You can begin your Medicare enrollment at If you'd like to purchase a Medicare Advantage plan, Medicare Supplement plan or Medicare Prescription Drug plan (PDP), you need to enroll in Parts A and/or B before purchasing those plans.

Medicare Part C is provided by private insurance companies, like Blue Cross NC. It covers the same types of care as Medicare Parts A and B but lowers your share of the costs when you use doctors and hospitals that are part of the plan's network.

In addition, most Medicare Advantage plans offer prescription drug coverage and supplemental benefits such as gym memberships, vision coverage, dental coverage, and more.

Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage for those enrolled in Original Medicare (Parts A and/or B). Plans are available from private insurers, like Blue Cross NC.

If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, you are not eligible for this standalone prescription drug coverage. If you are interested in a Medicare Advantage plan and need drug coverage, be sure to choose a Medicare Advantage plan that includes drug coverage.

Medicare Supplement Insurance, sometimes called Medigap, are policies offered by private insurers and are standardized by the federal government. These plans help fill gaps in Original Medicare and may cover some or all of the costs not covered by Original Medicare such as copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles.

You can buy a Medicare plan during the enrollment periods. You can also purchase a Medicare plan anytime you turn 65 even if it isn't during an enrollment period. 

Annual Enrollment Period is from October 15 – December 7 every year.

Open enrollment for Medicare is from January 1 – March 31 each year.

Medicare Supplement plans can be renewed May 1 – 31 for a June 1 start date.


You can only change your dental plan within 60 days of a qualifying life event, like marriage, divorce, etc. or during renewal each year. Standard waiting periods, if applicable, will apply.

Yes, you may apply for dental coverage that covers your child only.

All applicants (both under and over 65) and their dependents (spouses, domestic partners and/or children under the age of 26) are eligible. Applicants must  be North Carolina residents who have not had a Dental Blue for Individuals policy in the last 12 months.

Applicants and their spouses/domestic partners age 65 and older who are residents of North Carolina are eligible for Dental Blue for Seniors.

Supplemental coverage

No. Employers can shop for group ancillary plans* anytime during the year and set their own enrollment periods for their employees. They can also add extra benefits (like life insurance) at any time.

Our supplemental plans for individuals and families can also be purchased at any time throughout the year and don't have an enrollment period.

*Group plans are plans that are offered through an employer.

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