Meme of the month

April 2022: April fools is cancelled

To sum up, we’ve got: Brexit; a global pandemic; PartyGate; inflation/shrinkflation; whatever Russia is doing.

Did I miss anything?

March 2022: there is a cost of living crisis

But this frog doesn’t know about it. Lucky frog!

February 2022: meeting coming up?

Well that’s too bad; the cat has just decided that it is time for the ‘mad half hour’ 🙂

January 2022: motivational poster for academics!

December 2021: happy (socially distanced?) holidays!

November 2021: what comes after wisdom?

I came across the new and improved version of the Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom (DIKW) pyramid. Isn’t it marvellous?

October 2021: Happy Halloween!


September 2021: Brexit is not the fault of Brexit

It’s hard to do anything these days without hearing about some new Brexit development (A shortage of some sort? Yet another hit to low-income households?). This is the only headline you need, really!

August 2021: Vacation time!

July 2021: “Henceforth, I am unable to can

July was a writing month for me. Many long sentences were written (and later split up into shorter sentences)!

June 2021: Believe in yourself

But do it like a scientist and gather evidence first!

May 2021: Virtual meetings are fun

2021 Special offer: The Zoom Pro subscription now comes with a free Ouija board!

April 2021: Finish what you started first!

Yup, that’s me! See High Impact PhD memes for more PhD zingers.

March 2021: Is it time to party yet?

We have vaccines, the weather is getting warmer – can we party yet? Courtesy of They Can Talk.

February 2021: Cat number 3

I think I may have scheduled too many things to do in February! I regret nothing.

January 2021: Feeling (cautiously) optimistic

Reasons to be optimistic: This year couldn’t possibly get any worse than last year.

Reasons to curb one’s optimism: Or could it???

December 2020: This lady just summed up all of 2020 in one brilliantly crafted sentence

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

November 2020: No more emails! No more emails!!!

Listen, it’s not even November yet, but I just had to post this. I mean, the emails tend to find me well, but even sorting them into folders takes ages, man!

October 2020: Is this pandemic really still a thing?

Also, how is it October already???